Beacon Halloween Parade: 2pm

Yep, that would be taking place TODAY: Sunday, October 21. If you’ve got a costume, join us at 1pm next to Bank Square. March of horror starts at 2pm (EDIT: yea, NOBODY seems to agree on what time it actually starts: Chamber of commerce says one thing, Beacon City website says another… aaaaannnnd check it out –  we’re marching at one. Cool. Lots of people but probably many left out.

Hocus Pocus Parade

E-Waste recovery in Beacon, NY

The electronics recycling bin at the transfer station in Beacon, NY.
photo: Sarah Womer/

In recent posts on her Zero To Go blog, Sarah Womer introduces the E-waste dumpster now at the Beacon Transfer Station and then revisits the dumpster with concerns about the handling of that material and the ultimate fate of this material.

The Zero To Go site has a wealth of information and recommendations for the recycling of E-Waste and other forms of waste too.  It’s worth checking out.

2 new releases by Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger on the waterfront in Beacon, NY, June 2009, courtesy

The Westchester/Rockland edition of had a feature highlighting two new albums released last week by Beacon NY fixture, Pete Seeger. The albums, A More Perfect Union, a collaboration with Lorre Wyatt and Pete Remembers Woody were both recorded at the studio of fellow Beacon musician Jeff Haynes.

Remembering Sasha

photo via: community cat coalition

Earlier this month, The Community Cat Coalition posted on its blog a remembrance of Sasha, the ubiquitous, uber gentle and laid back denizen of Nichols Hardware here in Beacon.

A major part of the Nichols Hardware shopping experience was Sasha’s presence, lounging in an empty box, or soliciting some attention and a pet from a customer.

Domivox joins the CCC in extending our sympathy to the Nichols’ Hardware family.

Library Budget Vote & Trustee Election coming up on April 7th.

A public vote for the Howland Public Library‘s 2011 budget is coming up in a couple of weeks. Voters are being asked to consider a 2.9% increase which amounts to $24,370. More details of this vote and the approaching election to fill two vacancies on the Howland Library’s Board can be found in the library’s monthly newsletter.

For the coming April showers (and the melting snow)

The Beacon Conservation Advisory Committee blog posted an item at Mother Jones that seeks to answer the question “How Clean Must Food Containers Be Before Recycling?”  It’s a question we keep asking in our household.

On further environmental news germaine to our fair city, the BCAC has posted details on a seminar dealing with controlling stormwater quantity and quality.  The seminar takes place (somewhere in Dutchess or Putnam county, TBA) on March 15 and in Kingston on March 16 and is presented by Barbara L. Kendall of Kendall Stormwater Services.  Click on the link above for additional information on the seminar.

And talking about runoff… The Hudson Valley Green has a post reporting on the City of Beacon’s long standing problem of Raw sewage flowing into the Hudson River and the current efforts that may finally render some improvement in the situation.  Below is a video Hudson Valley Green shot of sewage gushing out of a sewer pipe as if it were a novelty sprinkler feature for your garden hose.

Best of Beacon NY. Picked by Robots?

A link tripped my Beacon NY google alert the other day which illustrates one of the impulses for starting domivox.  This “Best of Beacon” and the “Beacon Top 10″ lists on the site (I’ve since misplaced the link) that tripped the alert essentially consist of scraped info from various other sites on which users had posted reviews of local businesses.  These resulting lists started with Dia:Beacon then moved down to a selection of restaurants and businesses, the placement of which seems very random.  That randomness is the by-product of the algorithmic method by which information on many websites is valuated, harvested and collated.

Sure, these listed businesses have commonality in their location, and certainly, real people had taken the time to right about and rate businesses regarding their experiences, but aggregating this information, with the logic of a robot leaves just one element missing from the presentation:  meaning.

We here at Domivox have nothing against algorithms.  We will be using them here as we develop this site.  Algorithms have the power to extend our grasp on what’s happening in the world and they enhance the potential of our experience by putting data in our hands, but algorithms can’t replace the human eye or mind – yet, and those human attributes are essential for interpreting that data for significance.

That’s what we hope domivox will do, at least for the community of Beacon,  bring a little human touch back into the collation of information and highlight the voices of our neighbors who shape the character of this city.

Consider Domivox an informational equivalent to a CSA in a world populated by corporate content farms.

Domivox: homegrown, thoughtful food for the humans – not robots – of Beacon, NY.