For the coming April showers (and the melting snow)

The Beacon Conservation Advisory Committee blog posted an item at Mother Jones that seeks to answer the question “How Clean Must Food Containers Be Before Recycling?”  It’s a question we keep asking in our household.

On further environmental news germaine to our fair city, the BCAC has posted details on a seminar dealing with controlling stormwater quantity and quality.  The seminar takes place (somewhere in Dutchess or Putnam county, TBA) on March 15 and in Kingston on March 16 and is presented by Barbara L. Kendall of Kendall Stormwater Services.  Click on the link above for additional information on the seminar.

And talking about runoff… The Hudson Valley Green has a post reporting on the City of Beacon’s long standing problem of Raw sewage flowing into the Hudson River and the current efforts that may finally render some improvement in the situation.  Below is a video Hudson Valley Green shot of sewage gushing out of a sewer pipe as if it were a novelty sprinkler feature for your garden hose.

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