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Beacon Halloween Parade: 2pm

Yep, that would be taking place TODAY: Sunday, October 21. If you’ve got a costume, join us at 1pm next to Bank Square. March of horror starts at 2pm (EDIT: yea, NOBODY seems to agree on what time it actually starts: Chamber of commerce says one thing, Beacon City website says another… aaaaannnnd check it out –  we’re marching at one. Cool. Lots of people but probably many left out.

Hocus Pocus Parade

E-Waste recovery in Beacon, NY

The electronics recycling bin at the transfer station in Beacon, NY.
photo: Sarah Womer/

In recent posts on her Zero To Go blog, Sarah Womer introduces the E-waste dumpster now at the Beacon Transfer Station and then revisits the dumpster with concerns about the handling of that material and the ultimate fate of this material.

The Zero To Go site has a wealth of information and recommendations for the recycling of E-Waste and other forms of waste too.  It’s worth checking out.